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Sisters Shut Out of Rap Awards

BET First Annual Hip-Hop Awards
by Kam Williams

If there was ever any doubt that gangsta’ rap is a man’s game, Black Entertainment Television confirmed the fact that sisters need not apply at its First Annual Hip-Hop Awards. The event was staged in Atlanta, where it was hosted by pimp comedian Katt Williams, a protégé of Snoop Dogg known for his misogynistic brand of humor. Katt set the tone in monologue with remarks like the line where he referred to Venus and Serena Williams as natural disasters. And Ludacris added an exclamation point by being bleeped within seconds of kicking off the festivities with an expletive-laced rendition of one of his hits.

Hometown hero T.I. emerged as the evening’s big winner, being named not only Hip-Hop MVP but taking home trophies for the CD of the Year and Video of the Year. In addition, his film, ATL, won for Best Movie, and he was featured in “Shoulder Lean,” for which Young Dro won Best Collaboration.

Sisters were shut out entirely unless you count Mary K. Blige who was featured on Busta Rhyme’s Move the Crowd, deemed the Best Live Performance.
Other winners included Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Hype Williams, and genre originator Grandmaster Flash, the recipient of the Icon Award.

Even all the acts invited to perform on stage during the show were male (Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, T.I., The Game, Young Jeezy, and Baby and Lil Wayne).

So, judging by the absence of female MCs, my sneaky suspicion is that BET programmers might be subtly suggesting that the future of women in rap might be restricted to fueling testosterone-sodden fantasies, dancing suggestively in skimpy outfits as video hos.

The complete list of winners:

  • Hip-Hop CD of the Year: “King”, T.I.
  • Hip-Hop Video of the Year: T.I., “What You Know”
  • Producer of the Year: Jermaine Dupri
  • Video Director of the Year: Hype Williams Icon Award: Grandmaster Flash Hip-Hop MVP of the Year: T.I.
  • Hip-Hop Hustler Award: Jay-Z
  • Lyricist of the Year: Common
  • Rookie of the Year: Chamillionaire
  • People’s Champ Award: Chamillionaire
  • Best Live Performance (aka Move the Crowd:) Busta Rhymes featuring Mary J.
    Blige, etc.
  • Best Collabo: Young Dro featuring T.I., “Shoulder Lean”
  • Hip-Hop Track of the Year: Nitti for “Goin’ Down”
  • Best Hip-Hop Dance: Snap
  • Best Hip-Hop Movie: “ATL”, directed by Chris Robinson Best BET Mobile Hot Ringtone
  • Award: Young Dro Featuring T.I. “Shoulder Lean”
  • Best U.K. Hip-Hop Act: Sway





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